Want Hours of Excitement in the Comfort of Your Home?

Book our mobile laser tag game in Lubbock, TX

Nothing beats the high-energy, action-packed excitement of laser tag. Laser Odyssey brings fun to your backyard with our outdoor laser tag set up. Our game master will come to your location in the Lubbock, TX area and set up the laser tag arena in as little as 15 minutes. We'll walk you through the rules, explain the equipment and get the party started. You'll play fun games like free-for-all, capture the flag, domination and team deathmatch in our customized play area.

Ready for a new way to play laser tag? Book our outdoor laser tag game today by calling 806-686-4498.


Standard Event


90 minutes (6-8 games)

Includes 12 taggers, 15 bunkers, game coach
Inside Lubbock county only contact us directly for custom pricing.